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Cubic! Hip to be square – Preview

I’m always excited when I have the chance to preview a game that I just know will make it big (like Crossy Roads did last year). And well, you see where I am going with this, as soon as I started playing Cubic!, I knew I had a winner.

Slightly reminiscent of Threes! – may be it’s the square tiles, or the exclamation mark – You will have to slide numbers left / right / up / left to combine tiles of numbers. Only this time, the goal isn’t to make the highest numbers on the grid, but to protect its center.

You will have your good guys, your soldiers, the green numbers. Their goal is to protect the middle by defending it against the evil, rotten, red numbers. These guys multiply at each stroke and they have it for your center.

How can you possibly fight a number, you must be wondering. Don’t worry, I got a bit confused at first; especially since I eyed a red number 2 in a corner coming my way and I was sitting in the middle with a pitiful green number 1. Well, you must move to get bigger! And that’s where it gets tricky!


You can only give a movement instruction to a single unit at a time, the rest of them will keep moving in the direction they were last instructed. Thankfully you can sit and ponder on your next move for a long time: those bad guys won’t move on their own. Would you benefit from going left with a 7, or up with a 5? Just like a game of chess, you will have to think of your moves well in advance.

When your precious center gets taken over, as it is bound to eventually, you will get to take a peek at your stats. You will have the opportunity to share with your friends your exploits, as the screen will show you how many turn you survived (I did only 11 on y first try, go ahead and beat it on yours!), how many units of the enemy you killed and your total score.

It’s my understanding that the game will be out in early April 2015 and I highly recommend you grab it!

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