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WIF The Soccer Battles

WIF The Soccer Battles: a medieval sports game – Review

In WIF The Soccer Battles you get an interesting mix between a sports game and an RPG. Offering an alternate fantasy story to the origins of this sport, you will have to play with a bomb instead of a ball in this soccer game

The tutorial does a good job of explaining to you how to play the game, without being too long or boring. You have to move your characters with a virtual joystick. While this has never been my favourite way to proceed but in this case the controls are very responsive so I wasn’t too annoyed.

You will get to defeats foes on the battlefield, or should I say soccer field, by stabbing them with your sword or your magic attacks. In good old RPG fashion, you will both have an health and mana bar to pay attention too. Even simply physical attacks use mana so keep this in mind.

While you start by battling swordsmen like your own, you foes will quickly bring some different characters to battle. The magicians are trickier to avoid as they do ranged magical damage that can affect you from afar.

WIF The Soccer Battles

Coins are essential in this game: they allow you to unlock new characters and to upgrade their skills. You will also need this currency to buy items to bring with you during the match. A handy health potion is always welcome to revitalize a team member at the last minute! You’ll quickly realize that the speed of a player on the field is related to its health; the lower the HP, the slower the character.

The match is over when the timer reaches 0. At that moment, whichever team has the highest scores is the winner.

Before a match you get to select how many of each type of characters you want on your team. Maybe you want a healthy mix of magicians and swordsmen? Not only you get to create the team you really want, but you get to put them into the position of your choosing too.

I like the clumsy voxel appearance of the WIF The Soccer Battles. It add a little unique charm to the game. I found this title easy to play and quite engaging. For a free sports game, you could do worse!

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  1. Love it I’m a huge soccer fan and I’m glad I found this game. At first it easy but when I get the wizard I’m losing please make easy. Multiplayer This game will awesome by multiplayer.

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