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Alto's Adventure

Alto’s Adventure: A snowboarding endless runner – Review

This endless runner made by Snowman, from Toronto Canada, comes as a lack of good snowboarding game available for mobile. The developers felt, as snowboarders themselves, dissatisfied with the cartoony, badly controlled games available in the App Store. To quote them, what they really wanted was to “capture the true essence of snowboarding. That feeling of a great flow. Something fluid, fun, and natural feeling. That feeling you get when it’s just you against the mountain, alone in nature.

The game starts with a sense of urgency. It appears that your llamas are escaping down the mountain and you must grab your snowboard to chase after them. The controls are very responsive. You simply need to tap the screen to jump, and hold it to do a backflip.

The terrain is procedurally generated and also based on what would you see in the real world if you were snowboarding. I love how the ambiance goes from day to night, snowboarding by the moonlight is quite poetic. But it doesn’t stop there!

At one point you will annoy someone by jumping over them while they are sleeping near a campfire. He will start chasing you and continue to do so until he is successful or you loose him by jumping over a chasm. It was a bit scary to be chased by him during a night thunderstorm!

Alto's Adventure

The game has quite a unique feel, it’s very fluid and graceful. The graphics are sublime. It has a strong, distinctive look and feel. I was wondering what attracted me so much toward this game. I discovered that one of the inspiration behind Alto’s Adventure was the excellent Windosill; then I knew I would be a big fan of their game. The only complaint I have about the game in it’s current state is that you end up easily with more coins than you can spend at the store!

Alto’s Adventure is a premium game with no ads or in-app purchases.

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