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Adventure Comapny iPhone game

Adventure Company: team-based action-RPG – Review

Adventure Company is a team-based action-RPG by Foursaken Media who gave us the fun Puzzle to the Center of the Earth. Not to be confused with Tales of the Adventure Company, this one features cartoony looking heroes on a mission to defeat villains in their way.

The game jumps right into battle, with a quick tutorial on how to use the controls. Once your fighter defeats the quirky enemies, a sudden realization weighs heavily on the team: one hero is not enough! The game is, after all, called Adventure Company, not Solo Affairs! You will have the choice between 3 good looking recruits to take along with you. Once you made your selection, you can continue onward and defeat more Gobbo.

You will quickly learn a new skill, which is reminiscent of the spin attack in most Zelda games: you spin around with your sword, pointy end forward. Once thing to keep in mind is that the mana, needed to use your skills, is shared among all your fighters.

Adventure Company iOS game

I’m generally not a fan of virtual buttons in my iPhone games, but these were very responsive and I didn’t feel like the action was lagging. It did took me a little while to truly be comfortable with the movement of my hero, but that was more of a learning curve situation than a flaw with the game. When your company grows, you have one than one fighter to control and I was wondering how the game would deal with this situation. Turns out, quite brilliantly: there is a SWITCH FIGHTER button to press to toggle from one to the next. The hero(es) you’re not actively controlling will simply go on auto fight mode, as to keep themselves alive while your attention is elsewhere.

The game is free and to sustain itself, it will show you an ad after each mission you complete. Speaking of mission completion, you want to keep an eye on the bonus objectives as they can really help get stars that you will allocate to special bonuses of your choosing.

Each class comes with a different set of skills and stats, so you really have to explore your option. This makes the game feel less linear and more engaging. You are truly controlling what type of Adventure Company you want to have.

One thing that could potentially get confusing is the various currencies used in the game. The blue gems are needed to acquire high end weapons from the shop, to recruit higher tier heroes, as well as to end training sessions faster. As for the trophies, they are gathered to increase your standing among the other adventures groups. Every 12 hours the group with the most trophies wins cool prizes that you would hate to miss out on! As for the technological artifacts, it’s a gotta catch’em all situation: the more you collect, the higher in the daily company rankings you will be. And this determines your reward the next day.

I loved this game from the start. The low poly design makes for quite the perky experience. The sound effects are very charming and attractive. The ads aren’t too annoying, albeit necessary, and the overall experience is engrossing.

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