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Buff Knight; slay the dragon and save the princess! – Review

In this fast-paced title filled with 8-bit nostalgia, you are controlling a Buff Knight and you stop for nothing! As it’s sadly too often the case in pixel worlds, a red vile Dragon & his minions are raiding the Kingdom for artifacts. Oh and of course they also captured the beautiful princess. Out of these villainous actions is born your quest: to buff up your knight, to blast your spells around and, that’s a given, to save the world!

In true runner style fashion, you don’t get a lot of control on the action going on. You don’t get to handle your character like a platformer by jumping and attacking at will; rather, on impact the fights are going on. You only control when to release your mana attack, when to heal with the use of a a potion. You also get to tap fairies and chests to acquire loot.


The creator, Kim Do Hyung, developed Buff Knight with the intention of making an game that would combine nostalgia and have a gameplay accessible enough for anyone to play.

I was immediately taken by the soundtrack and the sound effects, beautiful homage to the 8-bit games era. While my first few runs were a bit frustrating, in the sense I died quite easily, I was quickly able to buff up at the store.

The enemies will keep on coming and you will keep on fighting until you rescue your princess. While at first you mainly fight bats, you will quickly upgrade to rats. some strange square blue blobs and scary looking green snakes.


Despite a couple of spelling mistakes in the monologue of our knight, this is a very well polished game. I liked that it was truly easy to pick up.

Let’s just say I can see this game wasting a lot of my free time in the next few weeks. But time isn’t truly waster when you are enjoying yourself so much.

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