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klick pop puzzle panic

KlickPop Puzzle Panic: quite the frenzy! – Review

Back when the internet was still in it’s infancy, one of my favourite game was Same. In Same, you had to click on blocks to make them disappear: but they could only disappear if they had a mate next to them. You’d reach higher score if you could make many tiles disappear in one move, and the less orphan tiles you had at the end was better.

The Same game has been done and redone a million times, in various incarnation, there is no question about it. But today, I want to talk to you about this version called KlickPop Puzzle Panic.

The gameplay varies a bit from what I described above: you won’t be left with a couple of orphans after you match up the blocks. In fact, there is no “end” to a level except one of timing. You see, you only have 60 seconds to make as many matches as possible.

And you have to know in advance what you will tap on! At the bottom of the screen you will have 4 different tiles to select, one after the other, and find their match on the play grid. As if this wasn’t tricky enough to be under such a short deadline, you also need to worry about the combo bar at the top: when it’s full, random coins will appear on the board and you’ll want to grab them quickly!

klick pop puzzle panic gameplay

Various challenges will be made available to you and it’s quite enjoyable to beat your highest score over and over. Because the gameplay is so short in Klickpop Puzzle Panic, 60 seconds, you don’t really get bored of it quickly.

The different boosters you can acquire add another layer of fun to the game. I seem to be lucky in getting a lot of “Fireball Magic”, which will destroy up to 6 tiles in my playing grid.

The sound effects and the background music of this app are very upbeat and perky: they help keeping you on your toes, making 60 seconds seem like the blink of an eye. Next thing you know you’ve been playing an hour!

For a free game it’s quite low key on the ads: they definitely are not intrusive or annoying. I had a lot of fun playing this game since it came out last night and I’m keeping it in my “daily play” folder on my iPhone.

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