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Slide Maze: a 3D puzzle – Preview

I recently had the chance to preview a 3D version of a popular game concept: the sliding puzzle. In a maze like area, you need to reach the end goal, marked by checkered cubes. It’s a cute and simple game that gets more and more challenging as it goes on.

You move the block around by swiping in a direction: you don’t need to actually touch the block. It will slide until it makes contact with a wall. It’s obvious to mention you can’t move the cube until it’s in contact with a wall. The maze aspect of this puzzle makes it that the levels get trickier and trickier to solve.

The first few levels are just a basic tutorial meant to show you how to maneuver in this universe more than anything. They ultimately offer no real challenge, except maybe the one of time trial.

Because you get to earn up to 3 jewels in each level: the first one for completing it, the second one for completing it within a specific time frame and the third one for completing it on par, within the normal number of moves used. The second jewel seems to be for very keen players since to get it, you often have to start moving before the start is given on a level.


Each levels earn you coins as well and with them you can unlock different characters to use as your cube. Each gate, which is a group of 6 levels, is locked until you earn a sufficient number of jewels, or you fetch your wallet. While a key to unlock a gate is offered for only 99 cents, you also have the option to unlock everything, even futures updates, for a much better value overall.

The music is a bit repetitive so it doesn’t distract you too much from your goal. You can play either in portrait or landscape mode. Now far from me the idea of telling you what to do, but it just seemed easier to play in the portrait mode, in my experience.

But the game does bring one interesting innovation on this puzzle genre, we can use the level editor to make our own puzzles and send them to our friends as a challenge.

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