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Feeding Time : A frenzied feast! – Review

I love animals. It goes without saying that a game featuring the feeding of cute animals will get my attention quickly! Feeding Time is a fun puzzle title featuring, and that’s rare, no in-app purchases.

The gameplay couldn’t be simpler. Each level is tiled with delicious foods such as carrots for the rabbits, cheese for the mice, bones for the dogs, etc. The level is bordered by animal heads, eagerly awaiting their turn to feast on the juicy morsels available to them.

When you tap on an animal’s head, it will begin to eat frenziedly if he has access to its designated food. The levels are timed, so you have a little over a minute to stuff up as many animals as possible, for the highest score. I’m sure you see where I am getting at, you need to have multiple animals feeding at once for big bonuses. Some power ups are popping up at random on the game level and will affect the tiles, such as changing an entire row of random food into a single one, or making all the fish from the level disappear.


Very little information is given about the game, it lacks a deep tutorial. Then again, the game is quick to pick up, but some of its features remains a mystery to me. I’m still not entirely sure what the purpose of the mask power-up was, it just hid the animals.

The animals look so sad when you click on them and they can’t eat what’s in front of them it thugs at my heartstrings! The sound effects and the music are pretty upbeat, to keep you on the edge.

Incubator Games are Toronto-based, game-loving professionals. They put a lot of heart into this game and it shows. The art style is colourful. Those pets are drawn in a very cute style and they make the cutest unique sounds. The animations are perfectly fluid, which is amazing for a game with so many different elements going on at once. It helps with the core of the gameplay, which is to be quick on our… fingers.

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