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Mucho Party: bring plenty of fun to your iPhone – review

In this perky fun title, we are faced with plenty of mini-games, reminiscent of popular party games such as Mario Party or WarioWare. We can compete in local multiplayer against friend or foe, or against AI if you prefer solo-play.

Each mini-game in Mucho Party has it’s own background soundtrack, which makes things very fresh and upbeat. They are also very quick to play: most of them are timed at 30 seconds.

Right from the get go, I liked this app. The perky music makes you wanna shake your buns to the beat as you play. However, I was kinda taken aback when I immediately needed to take 3 selfies: a happy face, a sad face and a normal face. Because your cute mug will be placed inside a fun shaped avatar (I choose a lemon), the game might I was disappointed that I had no option to pick from my existing pictures, but had to take a fresh one. Other people, like me, will feel super self conscious to suddenly have your face immortalized on a day you have no make up on and you’re in your PJ.


After the selfies, you get to test your skills, through a whack-a-mole test. This will set the difficulty of the AI.

The mini-games available are fun and they unlock new ones as you play. While most game are easy to pick up, the preview screen with a big finger tapping at the screen gives very little indication in terms of instructions as to what you actually need to do.

As it is to be expected, some games are more fun than others, they will all individually adhere to your specific palate of preferences. I personally really liked Hamster Rodeo, even if it was truly featuring guinea pigs, and Passe Trappe, where I found myself a champion at sliding quickly all my pieces through a gap in the wall unto my opponent’s side.

Despite the tiny screen, the game plays perfectly well on an iPhone. But I can’t help but to think 2 players might be crowded and that the game would be better suited on the iPad in that stance. Which coincidentally and fortunately, it is also available on there!

While I played for a long time by myself, I was dire to find someone to play with me. “Hum that sounds weird” was the go-to answer of my friends, in their 30s, when asked to partake in the selfie-taking & mini-game playing with me. May be the game is more appealing to a younger crowd?


When it comes to its value, I’m a bit hesitant. I was lucky enough to get a press copy, but I have to be honest and admit that I wouldn’t pay $3,99 for this app. It sure it colourful, engaging and fun, but among a lot of titles priced at $0,99 promising the same, I am sure it will be overlooked often.

So if the price doesn’t scare you, grab a friend and have fun with Mucho Party!

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Cokamouse started reviewing iOS games, back in Spring 2014 and hasn't stopped ever since! Lover of cherry flavoured lemonade, soft nougat, warm fluffy slippers & reviewing games for the iPhone, of course!

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  1. ∞~ Mr. Griffiths ☺

    Mucho Party is an amazing fun game to play on your smartphone. I really enjoyed how good the game is and how versatile, you can play up to 30 arcade games which adds more longevity to the game. I’d recommend this game to anyone.

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