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Dragon Coins – Classic coin dozer with a fun twist – Review

When I first got this game on my iPhone, it was very hard not to compare Puzzle & Dragons every steps of the way with Dragon Coins. However, we need to point out the fun difference between the two games, as Dragon Coins may be bringing a bit more to the table than just one more clone of the infamous GunHo Online Entertainment app.

First of all, this game doesn’t rely on your skills in solving some match-3 puzzles, but rather your luck in a coin dozer game. You see, the monsters in your team attack when coins fall down in their slots.


Speaking of monsters, they really want you to get into a “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” Pokémon mood, but the various monsters lack descriptions to bring them some sense of personality. Sure, the artwork is nothing short of awe worthiness but at the end of the day, you expect a bit more.

We are well surrounded in our learning by Lily, the buxom quest giver. She explains everything you need to know about playing this game, which in itself is simple: gather your monsters to form a team and tackle the various regions one after another.

Then, it gets trickier. Unlike most RPG, you don’t get XP and level up from fighting your enemies, but you need to fusion your monsters. This essentially entails having the monster you want to level up “eat up” some other monsters. So yeah, sacrifice of some elements is necessary for the greater good here.


I have naught but great things to say about the game art; it’s beautiful, colourful and gorgeous. You’ll even want your favourite monsters as avatars on a social platform or two. Also, the music is perky, without being too edgy.

But a major flaw is how “heavy” on the device the game is. The incessant loading screens that pops up at each steps of the game, often take up to a good minute. I mean Lily is good looking and all, and giving us relevant tips, but I wanna play!

Is it better, or worse than that other game I mentioned too often in the article so far? It’s both. It’s picking up where Puzzle & Dragons left off and adds an interesting twist to the genre. It’s also close enough in comparison that it will officially be called a clone.

On a side note, I had to laugh when I was offered to watch a video for free coins and I was greeted with an ad for Puzzle & Dragons.

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