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Sunburn!: Not so alone in space

Sunburn!: Not so alone in space – Review

In the spirit of #throwbackthursday, I shall review a game, every Thursdays, that came out a while ago. So without further ado, I’d like to talk to you today about Sunburn!

Travelling around the vastness of outerspace, in your trusty spaceship, you will embody a captain that hit a little snag along the way. May be the spaceship wasn’t so trusty after all, but long story short, you’re stranded in space with your crew.

Now being alone in space sounds bad, so you should reunite your crew! Hopping and skipping around little planets, you will gather all your ducks in a row before jumping into the sun and disappearing forever.

Technically a morbid topic, as you will all die if you do so, but at least you will all be together, so I guess there is a bright side to this!

While the first 3 levels will come across as fairly easy, don’t let that impression set the tone for the whole game: you have 50 levels in total to go through and they won’t be as easy as the firsts.

Sunburn!: Not so alone in space

I can’t say I made it far in the game at the moment, but I’m certainly not throwing in the towel! I found it’s controls to be very simple to master: you tap left or right depending in the direction you want to go. Should you need to jump and use your jetpack (this will also deplete your oxygen so be careful!), you simply need to hold both directions at once on the screen and then let go.

As if dodging balls of fire and tip-toeing on glass planets that will shatter under your feet wasn’t stressful enough, you will also have to monitor the level of oxygen you have left. Heavens forbid you should die before being reunited with all your loved ones!

You will find yourself continuously wanted to play that elusive “one more level” before putting it down, so I’d say the game is definitely entertaining and worth it’s weight in gold.

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Cokamouse started reviewing iOS games, back in Spring 2014 and hasn't stopped ever since! Lover of cherry flavoured lemonade, soft nougat, warm fluffy slippers & reviewing games for the iPhone, of course!

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  1. Amazing game, loved the mix between the space/sci-fi and puzzle genres. Great game, and great review as well!

  2. I love the cool throwback look of this game. It takes me back to 1980s and playing games with my brother. The further you go along the harder it gets to to the tasks as well as monitor your oxygen levels.

  3. Richard Harris

    I don’t like sunburn. I like this game though. Very simple and great fun.