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Letter Hero: a Word Game with a Bang – Review

Some would easily argue that one Word game is essentially the same as any other. Since they are among my favorite type of game to play on the go, I would respectfully disagree. We came a long way since the time of Boggle.

Letter Hero is an interesting title that came out this summer. The premise is a bit unique; letters are flying by on the bottom of the screen and you must quickly tap them to attempt to form some legible words in order to rank a high score.

Some power ups, or slow downs, will pepper the parade of letters, hindering or helping you along the way.


The game has a fast pace to it. You probably never be able to spell a word of more than 5 letters. Doesn’t mean the game isn’t keeping your brain on a sharp edge! To add to the difficulty level, you are facing a timer also, so you have very little time to sit on your laurels after a few good words: you need to keep going!

The whole game has a very comic book feel to it: the half tone look of the background, the colourful presentation of the letter, sounds effects and user interface.

You get to share your score with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. You can also share your achievements with your friends, to challenge them further.

While you can spend $1,99 to disable ads on the game, if you score 350 points you will get the same results. I like a game that rewards its best players and spellers! It’s certainly a novelty in the in-app purchases era!

It was very attractive and I enjoyed playing it a lot, even if I always ended up spelling some naughty words in the end. Mind in the gutter much? Beat my score posted on Twitter!

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  1. Really fun! that part i enjoyed the most about the game is that you learn/add more to your vocabulary while having fun at the same time! extremely addictive.

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