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Syrush: A virtual breakfast frenzy – Review

Waffles? Yum! Shouldn’t that be enough to make you wanna play this one? I guess you deserve also some background about this app.

Syrush is the newest game, called a breakfast simulator, from Two Scoop Games. A yummy looking waffle speeds away on your screen and you must use up to all your fingers to fill each one of its squares with delicious toppings.

Toppings? Why yes. All delicious mouth-watering deliciousness you can find on a waffle, like syrup (it’s called syRUSH after all!), blueberries or even powdered sugar. It’s a game that is very difficult to play on an empty stomach and we’re not responsible if an increase in your breakfast spending happens in the next few days.


The goal of the game is to reach the highest score. You will achieve that with speed and precision, by being the master of your waffle and its toppings. You’ll quickly learn that this game needs your full attention and the use of more than one finger.

The need for speed in this application is well highlighted by the hyper background music from RoccoW, in a chiptune style. The matching sound effects are also very perky and entertaining.

Over all, this is a game that has an awesome, perky and colorful presentation. From the first peek, you just want to give it a try.

Is it breakfast time yet?

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