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Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey: a wordly RPG – review

Not to make any pun, but Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey is definitely a very good word game, mixed with a bit of role-playing, that has emerged in February of this year.

The concept is not new: a table with letters with which we must spell words to destroy enemies and foes alike. With some good variations on this theme, and a very attractive presentation, Bacon Bandits definitely carved a good place for themselves in the market.

We are in control of Grimm, the mini-Grim Reaper as he passes through various levels filled with monsters of all sizes to conquer it all.

Each completed level gives up to three stars. For the second star, you must finish the level in a given period of time. The third star is getting more complicated to acquire: there is a unique special challenge in each level, such as passing the level using only two words in total.

Also, tiles of individual letters can also change the game greatly: some cracked tiles will not have any attack power when used. Also, to your advantage, you want to watch out for the famous crystal tiles, that will make your more powerful toward your foes.


Monsters themselves in this games are not simply routine: some ghost will not get damaged if words begin with a vowel, or maybe you will need to use the tiles on the outer rim of the table to defeat a robust zombie. To pace ourselves, we will sometime stumble upon a chest that will require a game of hangman to open. Things are all fresh and new, which is very welcome in a spelling game.

As this article was originally written in French, for Quebec-based players, I’ll add that there is not need to be a Rhode’s scholar to master this game. I challenged myself to complete three levels using an English vocabulary comparable to the one I had as a French child (yes, no, jump, toaster, etc.) and I managed to mow down several monsters easily.

The roleplaying aspect of Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey is related to the ability to raise our level attributes using gems collected through success in completing levels. Some quests are also available throughout the game, like having to spell 5 four-letter words during a single level, or to use a total of 25 times the tiles around the edge. To keep healthy, potions are available at the store, as well as various other helpful things such as better armor or weapons.

While Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey is free, it also offers us to buy, against cold hard cash, additional gems or various helpful upgrades. However, your gaming experience will not suffer at all if you prefer not to invest financially.

This review was originally published in French on http://estugame.com/letter-quest-grimms-journey/

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