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Schwerkraft – Over the Moon over this space odyssey

Schwerkraft means gravity. My high school german is long behind me, but I thankfully this app is available in English! And in this awesome game, you will get to toggle the gravity of the planets on and off to make Max move through the galaxy.

Who’s Max? Sorry I didn’t make introductions earlier. Allow me to quickly rectify this: Max is a cute orange ball-shaped being that wants to collect stars with your help! You get to assist him with his wonderful travels by using the laws of physics, in space, in a 2D environment!


Schwerkraft is a fantastic puzzle game I much enjoyed playing on my iPhone. It has a soothing background music and you’ll find you want to help the adventurous Max go to the end of the galaxy and back. And the game design is simply stunning, the designs are clear, crisp, and there is a pretty good contrast between the space the game is played in and the actionable parts.

From easy peasy to insane in the membrane, the puzzles you will have to solve gradually go up in difficulty. It’s not enough to just grab stars after a while, you’ll need to evade wormhole and escape gravity with much difficulty. Because you see, the difficulty of a level depends on the position and size of the planets, as well as any obstacles present.


With a lot of dexterity, a dash of patience and careful planning, you will find yourself wanting to help Max through his adventures by avoiding collisions with asteroids, or black holes that could swallow him up.

With over 70 levels to go through, Schwerkraft is sure to grab your attention, from your head up in space! It’s tiny price will make this a nice addition to your collection and I couldn’t recommend it more!

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