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Pyramid Jumble: Rank up the hidden words – Review

Like a lot of people, I welcome the occasional challenge or two. Keeps things interesting, you know? So when one what thrown my way on Twitter, I was more than happy to participate in this App Duel. Frankly, the only problem was putting down the game to finally write about it!

I should start by explaining that I truly like word games. They are a fun way to make your brain work overtime without being too stressful.

In Pyramid Jumble, you get to peruse at scrambled letters until an epiphany arrives and you find out what was the hidden word. It helps that they are listed in categories, so you kinda know in which direction to think! I like having to rack my brain to remember capitals or country names, so this game does splendidly in that sense.

During a given round, each correct answer will add time to your deadline. Sometimes the answer doesn’t come to you straight away, and for that purpose you have access to a hint button. In exchange for some precious seconds off your timer, they will tell you the first letter of the word you need to find. Good on the developer to have avoided the too-often taken IAP road on this one!


Your successes in finding all the words in a category will be awarded some gems. Gems you will be able to use to unlock further categories. So far a standard routine truly, however this game did things a bit different in rewarding you with different shapes of gems, which will in turn be able to unlock certain categories, but not others. I thought it was a nice way to mix things up a little.

Given I only played about 25% of the game at this point, but I haven’t yet been stumped on an unknown word, or left a category without finding out all the words. So I’d say the level of difficulty is pretty average, which is awesome cause I hate being stumped.

The game plays perfectly on the iPhone, my fingers don’t accidently select the wrong letters or anything of the sort. The user interface is simply made of good design all over.


While we are under a timer (otherwise it’d be too tempting to simply cheat and google the answers!), the background music isn’t inducing any kind of stress. You can take your sweet (short) time finding all your answers. I especially love the sounds the application makes when you select the letter of your words, like a whimsical chimes.

The visual aspect of the game is pretty minimalist, but done in an aesthetic way that is very soothing on the eyes. It might sound like a weird thing to say, I’ll admit it. However, when you play a game where you have to unscramble letters, your brain doesn’t need to be distracted by too much of a busy background and environment. On this note, this application is just perfect.

The pyramid can grow quite huge, but it’s a visually interesting way to gauge your progress!

You can invest a mere 99 cents and partake in this content-rich game!

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