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Crossy Roads: Endless Frogger

Featuring very perky and colourful trixel art, this fun game by Hispter Whale is launching November 20th, on my birthday! Now, now, I wouldn’t be so vain as to thing they choose this release date just to please me, but they certainly aren’t falling in disfavor in my eyes!

What’s this quirky game about? Well, to start off, we are all familiar with the arcade game Frogger, aren’t we? That silly frog trying to cross a busy highway to reach the safety of her pond, while avoiding being pancaked by a car or eaten by an alligator.

Here the concept of Crossy Roads is nothing but a variant on that genre, combining it with an “endless” sort of mode in which you’ll continuously try for an higher score. A froglike, if you will.


One major variation here is that we’re not limited to green amphibians with a deathwish, but pretty much any creature imaginable: if it can hop forward, it can attempt to cross the road. I’ll admit I still prefer to play with the frog that I got in the vending machine, as it’s making me feel much closer to the original. But I don’t mind sending my chicken on dangerous missions once in a while, to spice things up.

So there we are, to control that pesky chicken, or any creature you choose, you simply need to tap the screen in the direction you want to send him: couldn’t be easier. You get to gather coins along your journey, and with those you can use the vending machine to get a different creature to control through traffic.

It’s a cute game. It doesn’t have much depth, and certainly doesn’t pretend to either, so if you’re looking for a minute or two of silly fun in your day, you found it.

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