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Rocky Road: a rock paper scissors puzzle – Review

When I was first approached to review a game called Rocky Road, I have to admit I wasn’t jumping for joy. Another Crossy Road clone, I thought. Thankfully, I love being proven wrong so I ended up being delighted with this little puzzle game for the iPhone.

The app keeps it very simple. As soon as you launch it, you’re not greeted by any kind of fancy tutorial at all: you jump right into it. It shows you a rock, a piece of paper and some sharp looking scissors. You have the instinct to tap and swap them into each other. Then you realize it’s all quite simple: paper beats rock, rock beats scissors and scissors destroy paper.

Rocky Road iPhone Game

The first few puzzle are quite easy and you feel very smart going through them so quickly. Then, it starts to get harder. A lot harder. You actually have to sit back and think.

One thing I liked less about the game is that while it’s quite easy to pick up, when you fail too often at a certain puzzle, a heart appears in the upper right corner. What does it mean? Did I loose a life? Am I supposed to tap on it to get a hint? Rocky Road gets a bit blurry on that point and a little more indication would be needed. I ended up figuring it out; you tap and hold it. An ad will play, then you will be shown a hint on what is your next move.

So while the game is free and sustains itself with ads, they are discreet and at the bottom of the screen. So they do not hinder your gameplay at all.

Asides wrong the fact that I feel the name as nothing to do with the game itself, I ended up enjoying this title a lot. Even if you are playing in complete silence, indeed the game doesn’t have a soundtrack, I find myself immersed in Rocky Road very easily.

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  1. This game is very simple and addictive. At first i wasn’t that much into this game but now I enjoy playing it on my free time. I wouldn’t say its the best but its not that bad either.

  2. I used to play this game a lot. It’s so simple looking but it was very fun! I’m glad that you feel this way about the game.

  3. This game is a very interesting concept. Don’t let the Simplicity fool you. It really is one of the better games on IOS. I highly recommend .

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