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Super Rocket Pets on the iPhone

Super Rocket Pets: Fueled up and ready to go! – Review

Right when you start this game, you notice that Super Rocket Pets is a fast-paced, adrenaline pumped experience.

The music is perky and makes you want to start your adventure right away. The premise of the game is simple: you take control of a cute pet equipped with a rocket pack. Navigate through the levels, you must dodge spikes and nasty rockets headed your way to advance your progress through the galaxy.

You will get to aim your pet toward coins to collect them in order to spend them at the shop. The shop will sell you a bit of everything, from upgrades for your arsenal, as well as the opportunities to buy new pets in order to expand your squad into a fully fledged team of rocket powered critters!

Super Rocket Pets on iPhone Game

I kinda got excited when my pink creature started wearing a fez. That’s when I realized that reaching checkpoints will unlock new costume items. I’m sure it was explained somewhere in the busy screen, but I wasn’t paying attention. Because you see that’s one point I don’t like: when there are so many things on the screen that you can’t tell what’s going on. The menus are a bit busy in that sense and it gets quickly overwhelming.

Super Rocket Pets has a simple, fun and I’ll admit, addictive gameplay. The word colourful certainly describe this game and it’s 4 planets we get to explore.

We start within a cannon and once you tap your screen, off we go, very quickly! The level autoscroll, so you better keep up. You simply need to tap the screen to use your rocket pack and control it going up and down by tapping or releasing your iPhone.

You will die. Often. Over and over again. Always starting back from the beginning of the level. Does it get frustrating? Depends on how good your reflexes are when you play. I certainly need more practice because I am still stuck on the first planet!

Yet I found the game strangely great to help me unwind. The mission and focus is clear, you can just shut off your brain and be ready to go!

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  1. Really addicting, has a very similar with a lot of games you’ve probably already come across, but the execution and the game mechanics are still very solid.

  2. Connie Mastroianni

    game looks fun, ad has a lot of features that are entertaining. reminds me of the super Mario brothers platform game, or kirbys adventure.

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