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Warcher Defenders on Iphone

Warcher Defenders: tiny castle defense action RPG – Review

Warcher Defenders is a tiny castle defense action RPG. Yes, castle defense. Games like this so often get referred to as Tower Defense that it’s hard to really understand the difference, so let me do it quickly! A tower defense game will have you place towers, usually stationary, along the path the enemies will take to reach the goal. A castle defense game have you move around to defense your goal, usually a castle, just like this one.

You quickly get to meet Coronya the fairy. She appears and simply tell you your purpose: defend the castle! She is almost as annoying as Navi in the Zelda game The Adventures of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. She always pops up in the middle of the action, yet with actually good meaningful advice. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have notice my powerful spell in the upper left corner that I can activate to shower with arrows the hordes coming my way.

You start with an hawk-eye of an archer that shoots arrows at the skeletons, pumpkins and crows headed toward the castle. He does so by standing on the ground. When you need to aim for flying enemies, you can swipe up to make him go higher on the platforms. Swiping down will quickly bring him back in the fray, repeat as needed. I thought I was pretty cleaver staying on the first platform and shooting my enemies from this point, but it was made clear rapidly that I needed to move up and down if I really wanted to provide good castle defense here.

Warcher Defenders on iPhone

While you start with the archer, you will get to unlock also a wizard or a knight in the item shop. Should it be your wish, you can also dress your hero with different outfits. However, rest assured these items are unlock-able through Soul Coins in game, not real money. Thought nothing is stopping you to buy some Soul Coins with real money! However, when it comes to Soul Points, the amount earned after every session is proportional to your hero level. So needless to say that the further you go, the more Soul Points you will get!

In the Soul Points shops, you will have the option to unlock background stories, which is an interesting addition to the gameplay!

As many game of the genre, you will get the opportunity to upgrade your arsenal through the item shop. In this game, he shows up in the sky and you need to shoot at it to activate it. It’s certainly is a strange premise, I don’t know any shop owner who’d appreciate this tactic!

I had a lot of fun playing Warcher Defenders! It spawns from the same developer who brought us the excellent Black Tower Enigma. They both feature adorable retro inspired graphics and great soundtrack.

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