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Tiny Guardians: A Tower Defense game with quite the twist – Review

The tiny witch Lunalie wakes up one morning to find her home ransacked. On top of that, her mentor is also missing. She decides to follow the trail to find him, along with her magical deck of summoning cards

Because this is a tower defense game with a twist, I need to explain to you that you’re far from being stationary in this game! You see, you’re the one moving in this game, and you’re often stopped in your track by mobs of brigands, monsters and belligerent creatures.

The graphics will definitely ring a bell to you if you ever played the vastly popular tower defense game Kingdom Rush. To the point where I first thought Tiny Guardians was made by the same studio. However, due to the different gameplay, we won’t call it a clone, but rather a strong inspiration.

tiny guardians gameplay

Your tiny witch will be able to summon units to defend her along her adventures with your help. You simply need to tap on the magic book, in the lower right corner, to select a card. You can now drag it to an empty slot glowing around Lunalie. When you’re ready, hit Start!

If you made a mistake fret not, you will be able to recycle it and get half of the spent mana back.

Once a unit is summoned, it’s not stationary. Remember, we’re not in a regular tower defense game here! What’s the point of being 10 feet behind her if the mob of blood thirsty wolves is coming from the front? You will often need to move the position of the summoned units around Lunalie, within the summon circle, in order to best defend her.

The units will rarely be smart about this point, so you need to constantly micromanage their position around the tiny witch. So essentially, you will often play switcharoo with the units around Lunalie, her being the only characters whose position you can do nothing about.

She isn’t just sitting there doing nothing, thankfully. She will shot some kind of magic ball of energy toward incoming enemies. She will also have access to a few awesome spells (see lower left corner of the game) to help annihilate them.

While you can always level up a unit by selecting it on the field, between levels you will be able to upgrade them across the board.

But I don’t want to explain to you how to play this game, after all half the fun of learning this is by doing it ourselves. I want to explain to you WHY this game is fun to play! First of all, the idea of a tower defense game where you are the one doing the walking around is simply brilliant. Quite a unique take on a very popular genre. The studio obviously studied the mechanics of other games of the genre to come up with a very good game overall!

I had a genuine good time playing this game and while it’s price point may be a bit high, I’m convinced the amount of game time it will provide you will definitely make up for it!

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