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Warp Wiz: Gem Hungry Wizards – Review

Enemies are flooding the screen from all directions but you must keep you eyes on the prize: your precious gems. By tapping the screen you warp yourself around, to safety or riches!

A single blue robed wizard is facing an army of wraiths coming from left and right. As well as up and down. And may be even sideways? This game doesn’t give you enough time to blink before you need to teleport yourself around, hopefully toward those colourful gems.

One of the first thing I noticed when I picked up Warp Wiz is that it features an extremely perky music along bouncy sound effects. That all definitely keeps us engaged in the game play and highlight the fast pace we need to keep up with.

While, as I previously stated, the gems are your ultimate goal, you’d be silly to ignore the helpful power-ups thrown your way. You would never know how grateful you will be to find a piece of lightning on the ground once in a while.


Those wraiths are out for your… clothes. This game has a good sense of humour I’d say: I am always borderline hysterical when my wizard ends up naked. Yes, naked. Because you see, the game is a bit forgiving; instead of an insta-death on contact with an enemy, you simply end up naked until you make another unfortunate collision. You can also regain your robes by finding a benevolent heart piece.

May be after a while, you get tired of being a blue wizard… and luckily the game has a solution for that! You get to unlock magimorfs, which are essentially different skins for your wizard.


One thing that completely baffled me is the lack of social sharing option of our score. It seems weird for a game, which goal ultimately is to get a high score, not to have this basic option.

Overall I’m having a great deal of full pulling this app up and playing for a few minutes. It might not make the hours fly away, but it’s spot on to waste a couple of minutes, may be waiting for the bus or waiting in a queue at the store.

I’d say pick this game up and find out for yourself if it’s a real gem!

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