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Wordsmith: a word splitting & fusing game – Review

Some very excellent games only come on my radar well after they are released. Who can blame gamers, really, with thousand and thousands of apps available every month in the App Store? This was the case of this fantastic brainteaser called Wordsmith by the Toronto based Smashware that I am quite happy to share with you today.

Wordsmith is a word game truly like no others. You will need to splice and fuse words together in order to find the keyword you are looking for. Confused? I assure you it’s all quite easy!

I’m more than happy to provide you with a real example you will find at the level 13. Let’s say you need to find the word BLENDER and you have the four following words at your disposal: TORNADO SKATES & BEARD.

Well if you split the word TORNADO you will have SPINNING and AIR. If you split BEARD you’ll get FACE and HAIR, finally when you split SKATES you’ll get SHOES and BLADES.

Now what can we do with all these random words? Well now that we splitted them all, let’s see what we get when we put them in different combinations!

Let’s try SPINNING and BLADES… Well a blender is essentially a spinning blade, isn’t it? And there you go, you found the correct word!

word smith

The level of difficulty increases as you progress and more and more red herrings are thrown in your path to confuse you. It’s quite an interesting concept for a word game and I spent the next hour going through all the levels of the first chapter. All of them? Almost! I’m stuck on ANTIQUE, if you figure it out tweet me a clue so I can continue my game! 🙂

Needless to say I’m a huge fan and I highly recommend it. For a free game, you could do a lot worse!

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