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Set in a cute fantasy world, in Dungeon Link you have to defeat your enemies, isn't it topical? Set in a cute fantasy world, puzzle meet RPG.

Dungeon Link: Path to glory and riches – Review

Dungeon Link is a new game from Gamevil that came out this week. Set in a cute fantasy world, you have to defeat your enemies, isn’t it topical? You will do so by drawing the path of your heroes through them or next to them, depending on their abilities.

The game start immediately with a short animation of a dialogue between a unknown human and a witch type character, then the combat start. This is actually the premise of the tutorial that will teach your how to fight.

This is a game where you have to draw a path for your character to attack. The longer the path, the stronger the attack. The fighting takes place in various dungeon represented by a grid. Your heroes will have a start tile and an end tile: it’s up to you to draw a path in between the two. Fun trick to know, you can actually start your path from either tile: the beginning or the end.

You do what is called “perfect attacks” when your heroes have stepped on every tiles of the grid after their attacks. This created an extra attack at the end of your turn that usually manage to get rid of the most resilient foe. You will later learn how to chain your attacks for maximum impact on your enemies.

Set in a cute fantasy world, in Dungeon Link you have to defeat your enemies, isn't it topical? Set in a cute fantasy world, puzzle meet RPG.

The number of heroes you can take with your on your adventures will gradually increase through various levels, until you reach the maximum of 5. Rest assure you can have a wide roster of backup heroes waiting safely for your at home, the game gives you a maximum of 99 slots to start with, which is nothing to sneeze at.

This also implies that you will need to do a lot of summoning (getting new heroes through various in game currency). The reason you need so much fodder heroes is that you will get to combine and enhance your favorites! Your base character must be level 30 and enhanced 5 times to be able to evolve to it’s next incarnation. You need a matching elemental fairy to evolve it also. Confused, it’s a lot to take in? Don’t worry too much, the game is well paced and will teach you all about these in due time.

For a free game we could do a lot worse. Of course there are timers & waiting, but the way this app is set up, instead of them being a roadblock, you just move to something else until the timer is up. The game is very generous with it’s rewards. I’ve been playing for two days now and I have yet to hit up a paying wall.

I’m telling you, this game is plain fun! The characters are perky and cute, the game has a fast pace you’ll quickly adapt to and the music is keeping you in an upbeat mood.

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