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Super Glyph Quest: Elemental Puzzle Magic Adventure – Review

Super Glyph Quest is an entertaining RPG puzzle game that I had the chance to review this month and I’m looking forward to tell you about it.

From the get go, you are immersed in a fantasy world where you will need to embody a magical person and aid the people around you.

You start the game by customizing your avatar, and at the same time choosing your class. Sadly no explanations are provided when it come to druid versus mage so you’ll have to rely on previous RPG experience, if you have any, to make a safe decision.

Your glorious adventure start by helping out the inkeeper with controlling a rat situation. There’s always a problem with rats, deep down you knew this was coming. When it comes to attacking, the premise is simple: you cast your spells by combining glyphs of the same element together. Casting spells from the same element in a row increases your chain and does bonus damage to your foes. Hearing that, I thought to myself “great, it will matter a lot which glyphs I use” so I was surprised that it did not.

In most puzzle matching game of the sort, the elements would be affected by gravity: if you selected 3 elements on the bottom row, the ones at the top would fall in their place after these were eliminated. Not in this one, so there is less strategy than I originally expected on that aspect.


But nonetheless, the combat system is entertaining. I especially liked the reversal buff: after you make a chain of an element, use the complete opposite element for the next attack for a big bonus, such as suddenly sending a tidal wave after your enemies after trying to set them on fire for a few turns. The effect is devastating: for them! You can also make matches of only 2 glyphs, which will obviously create a weaker spell, if you are in a bind.

The graphic style of this game is unique, recalling a bit the style of drawing you would find in very old books. You feel as if you were handed some magical, interactive parchment. Furthermore, I’m totally in love with the music in this game. It’s terribly atmospheric.

Upgrades appears in your inventory in the form of tarot cards, which is an interesting take. The style of the graphics again matches this idea perfectly.


Overall this game is much more than a simple puzzle match-3 RPG type: it had quite depth, yet has an humoristic delivery. I would highly recommend this game to you. While I played a little with it’s predecessor, Glyph Quest, I can see that this one is a very good sequel that you would be silly to miss.

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  1. Loved playing this game, especially due to the fact that it combines both the puzzle and rpg genres so well. Definitely looking forwards to any sequels in the future! And great review as well 🙂

  2. Billy Ripken was the best

    I hadn’t heard of this game until my cousin Dexter told me about it. I really didn’t have any expectations. I haven’t played any rpg games in a long time. I enjoyed bc it was a little rpg and a little puzzle game

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