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Colords: Threes! meets a Puzzle RPG – Review

Colords plays like the excellent puzzle game Threes!; your heroes level up when they bump into another hero matching their colours: they then combine by adding up their numbers. Some enemies will have 2 colours and this means they can be vanquished by either of those colors.

The controls are quite easy to master; you simply need to swipe in a direction to move all characters on your screen. I want to highlight the improvement on that regards as the first version of this app wasn’t as responsive as it is now.

You’d think the archer would have a ranged attack, but no. All attacks are melee only and require to be aligned directly with the enemy; diagonal attacks won’t do.

The game is truly randomized: in one instance I started a new and the enemies had a value of 15 started up, which is pretty high. Most enemies have a value of 5 points.


The music is frankly annoying. It’s too high pitched and repeats every 10 seconds. You’d do well to do as I did and play on mute.

The graphics are colourful, well it’s in the name after all, and attractive.

At the bottom of your screen you will have your shield, which will allow you to level up a specific color of fighters, and the skull which will allow you to send a devastating attack unto your foes. You will also have access to in-app purchases there, if you want to add to your fire power.

The game is highly entertaining, despite it’s couple of flaws. For a free game, you could do a lot worse. The ads are far from being annoying. Just like the puzzle game Threes!, it can capture your attention for a long period of time, always in search of the elusive highest score. A good improvement on this level would be to add a social share of your score.

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