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A budding university student who also happens to be a gamer, student, scribbler, and optimist. I talk about lots of things and I have opinions about everything. It’s nice to meet you!

‘Combo Critters’: These Critters Are Just Okay – Review

combo critters

At first, I was really impressed with Combo Critters’ unrelentless innovation with a mix of Pokemon-style collecting and turn-based battling. However, that’s all it has to offer — with no story, progression system, or incentive to keep going, Combo Critters is a great idea that, in the end, is ultimately …

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Drifty Dash: Drift And Dash Far Away From This One – Review

drifty dash

Drifty Dash is a hastily thrown-together game without any real polish or engaging gameplay mechanics to make up for its endless amount of faults. A clunky movement system, incredibly bland maps, and terrible AI make for a game that not only is uninspired in its ideas but fails to capitalize …

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